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Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a great feature in any home or office. Its elegant and simple design makes for a great alternative to normal door installation options.

The variety of sliding door options have dramatically increased over the last few years. Gone are the days where sliding doors have limitations on things like size and functionality.

In the older days these doors consisted of only two portions. A fixed portion and the sliding portion. This was the only option you had if you wanted a sliding door.

Much have changed since.

Sliding Doors Cape Town

At sliding doors Cape Town we offer our clients a variety of sliding door options. Some of the benefits of these doors are the following:

You have a variety of colours to choose from. Whether you want light or darker colours, you can take your pick.

The market has evolved into a variety of options that gives the consumer a lot of choices.

You can choose how thick or slim these doors should be. Technology is getting better and better. If you opt for a slim sliding door design then we can assist you with that.


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    Design quality that you will love. Sliding doors do not come only in one size fits all packages. You have a range of design options that will satisfy your hearts desires.

    Security. We have come a long way to make these door options secure. You have a lot more security features that can be built into the design to protect you and the family. This will also apply to our range of windows.

    Weather resistance. These doors are designed in such a way to keep water out. It can weather the most severe storms while you enjoy the warmth and comfort of your own home.

    Size. Bigger is beautiful. At sliding doors Cape Town we have installed some big projects.

    And let me tell you, bigger is better in most cases. You get more natural sunlight into your rooms and it makes a huge impression when you walk into the room and you have an uninterrupted view to the outside.

    Control of the opening size. You can control how large the opening should be when the sliding door(s) are being opened.

    You can have up to six panel doors that slide next to each other which leaves you with ample space unto your stoep or next room.

    Aluminium Sliding Doors

    There are a number of aluminium sliding doors options to choose from which include the following.

    Inline slide door:

    The panel of this door will slide on its frame. The quality of these inline products have increased tremendously over the last few years and offer exceptional value.

    You can easily use this door type to cover a 6 meter area. These doors can run on multiple tracks that will allow the door to open in any direction.

    Sliding doors for an open corner:

    These doors will meet at the corner of a room. When you slide these doors away from each other, you will have a wonderful open plan area where the corners of the house or building are opened up.

    It’s a wonderful product that gives a great effect. Word of caution though. It’s important to get the approval of a structural engineer as your corner in most cases won’t have support.

    This support is crucial to support the weight of the roof and sliding doors.

    Slide doors that lift and slide:

    With these doors, the handle plays a crucial role in sliding the door.

    When the door handle is lifted, it lifts the sliding glass door off its slider in order to slide it easily. This is a very popular model.

    Sliding doors that disappear:

    These sliding glass doors can slide right into the wall. So from the construction phase, the wall has to be built in such a way that the aluminium sliding door ‘disappear’ into the wall.

    This is another beautiful design that gives you even more space than a stacking door or sliding doors that stack next to each other.

    Our Cape Town based aluminium company is ready to assist you in all your aluminium sliding door or other sliding door needs.

    You can find more information on our aluminium windows and doors page. Also see our sliding door images page for some ideas as to what you can do.

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