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Let’s face it. Buildings with aluminium windows and aluminium doors just look better. It’s aesthetically appealing and very practical.

With Cape Town being a coastal city, all houses are subject to the corrosive effect of the sea. But when you have quality aluminium windows installed in your home, that’s something you don’t have to worry about any longer.

The aluminium is prepared in such a way that you will have beautifully designed windows that is durable and that will last a lifetime.

At our company we offer our clients bespoke solutions to their aluminium design needs. We can craft any size window or door and we also offer a variety of colours that will complement the main colouring theme of your residential home or corporate office.

You will agree when we say that windows need to be very functional. There is purpose to installing windows.

One of its main purposes is to allow light into the home. Almost everyone we know loves buildings where natural light can penetrate.

It makes us happy to see the light. So installing a window strategically is important. By being clever you can allow maximum light into your home or office without having to mount too many windows.

This way, you won’t ‘waste’ money on fitting unnecessary windows but you won’t lose the impact of natural light flooding your home.

This is where our expertise plays a vital role. Having installed thousands of high quality windows, we can make suggestions that will save you money without losing the benefit of light.


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    Windows are also known for its decorative effect. It can make or break the look of a home or building. Some people like large windows while other like smaller sizes.

    Some like windows with grids whilst others like a large glass pane. Others like wooded finishes while others like metal or aluminium finishes. While yet other clients want darker frames while others prefer lighter frames. The list is endless.

    What do you like? What is it that you would like to see in your window installation? Chances are that we have already done that before and we can do it for you too. Pretty windows make for pretty homes and pretty homes let the heads turn.

    Another great purpose of aluminium windows are their energy efficiency. With an unstable Eskom energy grid, this is an essential factor.

    So much energy go to waste through old window panes that are a lot more prone to leaks than newly installed windows. As time goes by, the technology of aluminium construction gets better and better.

    We can save you money through efficient energy insulation by installing windows the right way. Our technology is brilliant and it will help you to save on energy costs, especially in the cold winter months.

    In the summer, you just open the windows or doors for a fresh breeze to come through.

    You can be assured that when you use our products, you are getting the best quality that is available on the market today. Our products are manufactured by hand and therefore we can custom fit to your requirements.


    Our products and installation services are very affordable. We will work around your budget.


    Our aluminium windows and doors are beautifully designed. It’s easy on the eye and yet very practical.


    Our products are made of the highest quality materials. It will last for decades to come.

    Double Glazed Windows Cape Town

    Double blazed windows are also known as double pane windows. It is also known as protected glass.

    The purpose of double glazed windows is to reduce heat transfer as this glass forms a layer of insulation. So this is a great option if you want an energy efficient window solution.

    Two glass panes are fixed to the aluminium frame whilst the glass panes are separated by a vacuum which is usually filled with gas such as Argon.

    We know there are many glass and aluminium Cape Town options but we encourage you to contact us to help you install a quality solution at a very reasonable price.

    We believe that double glazed windows are definitely a better choice to make and will make a big difference in regulating the temperature inside your building.

    Aluminium Window Frames

    Technology has advanced significantly over the past few years. In the older days only commercial properties were considered for aluminium windows and doors.

    But things like aluminium window frames have become accessible to all, even the residential family.

    Many people may be concerned that the structure of their home may not allow them to get windows with an aluminium frame. But that should not be a concern you have.

    Our aluminium windows Cape Town based business can customise our frames to any structure. We can adjust and cut our frames to weird window frame angles you may have. We can even do half moon frames if that is your desire.

    As we discussed earlier, aluminium window frames is of the highest quality products you can invest in for your home.

    It will increase the value of your property, will help you to save energy and just gives a wonderful effect overall.

    Here’s a selection of aluminium windows images.

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