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Aluminium Windows and Doors

We have seen a significant jump in the demand for aluminium windows and doors over the last few years. And with good reason.

Technology for aluminium windows, aluminium doors and sliding doors have made significant strides over the last decade or so.

The end result is so much better than what you got in the 80’s and 90’s. You truly get amazing value for money these days.

When you are considering to replace your existing windows and doors with aluminium based products then keep the following in mind.

Ask us what styles are available to you? We have a variety of window and door styles that you can choose from. Obviously it will depend on what your structure allows but in most cases we can totally custom fit what you desire.

There’s so many aluminium windows and doors to choose from.

We can also show you catalogues with ideas and can make recommendations that will fit your budget.

Ask us about the safety measures we have in place.

Safety and security is a big business in South Africa and we have taken precaution to include features that will help to safeguard your home or office. Let’s sit down and discuss the possibilities with you.

The type of material is obviously also an important consideration.

Are you opting for metal frames, wooded frames, aluminium frames or no frames? These are important questions to ask yourself.


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    Obviously we’re biased towards aluminium windows and doors but with good reason.

    It’s beautiful, it’s durable and it’s just freakin awesome.

    Costs. Yip, costs will have to be discussed as well. Aluminium products will in most cases be more expensive than metal products.

    But you have to ask yourself how much you will spend on maintenance going forward. Let’s assume you replace all your windows with a metal frame that still needs to be painted (those you get at a building supplier).

    Let’s further assume the painter, painting materials and installation costs you around R35,000. Due to the corrosive effect we experience being a coastal city, you will have to maintain this steel framework as it will start to rust.

    You can bank on maintaining this every 5 years. The frames will have to be sanded down and new layers of anti corrosive paint will have to be applied to these metal window frames.

    Aluminium windows and doors cost calculation:

    Assume a quote of about R10,000 – everything included. Over a 40 year lifespan you will need someone to come do maintenance 8 times. At R10,000 a pop that’s R80,000 just for maintenance.

    Plus the R35,000 you invested initially. That gives you a total of R115,000.

    Now compare that with the aluminium alternative. Let’s assume the same windows that needs to get replaced will cost you R50,000.

    Yes, that’s R15,000 more initially but your maintenance will be reduced to probably once in 40 years (replacing rubber seals, etc).

    If you use the same R10,000 quote for maintenance your total costs will only be R60,000. See the difference?

    So when looking at costs you got to keep these things in mind. See the future value of money. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Over the longer timeframe you will save more money.

    Also remember that we will work within your budget. We will make stylish recommendations with that what you can afford.

    Aluminium Windows and Doors Cape Town

    As an aluminium windows and doors Cape Town based business we have lots of experience in this industry.

    We believe there’s a lot of good reasons to choose our aluminium products over lower quality options like wood and metal. Let’s look at these reasons:

    Quality Aluminium Windows and Doors:

    It’s no secret that quality is a main feature of aluminium products. When you decide to invest in aluminium products you invest in durability, strength and a well polished design.

    These products are built to withstand rust and violent storms that we often see in the Cape Town area.

    Energy Efficiency:

    In general we waste a lot of energy in our homes. Around 40% of our energy wastage is due to inefficient energy retention.

    A variety of factors will assist in saving energy including, using the correct seals and installing them correctly, using the correct type of glass, opting for double or triple glazing instead of single glazing, design, etc.

    Note that hinged products are also more energy efficient as the aluminium door or window will seal more tightly than other product types.


    Aluminium products are very functional. Do you want to control an open plan feel? We have product recommendations for that. Is your main concern energy efficiency?

    We have recommendations for that. Is your main concern safety? We have recommendations for that.

    Whatever your main purpose to install aluminium products, we can help you choose the right one.


    We know that doors and windows are usually the weak points in a home or office and that’s why we design, advise and install with security in mind.

    Look and feel:

    It goes without saying. The look and feel of aluminium products are just amazing. It’s elegant, stylish and beautiful.

    It will complement the structure of your existing home. It is adaptable to fit in with many style types.

    Believe us, you won’t be disappointed in this decision you make.

    What are you waiting for?

    Call our aluminium windows Cape Town based business today and let’s make your home or office a gem.


    Our products and installation services are very affordable. We will work around your budget.


    Our aluminium windows and doors are beautifully designed. It’s easy on the eye and yet very practical.


    Our products are made of the highest quality materials. It will last for decades to come.

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