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Specialist aluminium door installers in Cape Town and surrounding areas.

Aluminium Doors

Always desired the sleek and elegant look that aluminium doors have? Are you ready to secure your home even more with a strong and sturdy aluminium powder coated door?

Do you want to make an impression on the people coming to visit you? Do you want to be more energy efficient in your residential home or office?

You’ve come to the right place. Aluminium windows and doors Cape Town is a specialist aluminium windows and doors installer.

Many decades of aluminium installation experience guide us and we are sure you would love what we can offer you.

There’s a wide variety of aluminium doors we install. We are very flexible in our installation approach and we will find you a cost effective and lasting solution to your door installation needs.

One of the problems we face in Cape Town and surrounding areas is the corrosive effect that the sea air have on our buildings, window frames and doors.

Thankfully, due to the high quality powder covering that we apply to our aluminium doors, this corrosive effect will be something of the past.

Normal wooden doors can easily rot because of continuous rain and damp air. Not with our doors. When installing doors with an aluminium frame, rot and decay is something of the past.

What would you say is the purpose of a door? Just to keep burglars out? Nope, we don’t agree with that.

We believe that the functionality of doors are much more involved. Doors should be functional. It should be practical and it should be a feature. Let’s look at a few examples:


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    Well, obviously security is one of the main purposes of a door. It is important to keep the family safe.

    A strong, sturdy door with an advanced locking mechanism not only keeps the family safe, but also gives you peace of mind knowing that criminals will not get access to your house.

    Aluminium doors are known to be excellent security doors that assist with your security needs.

    Natural light:

    Your traditional wooden and metal doors do not allow natural light to penetrate your home or office.

    This is a major drawback of these traditional doors. But you will find that doors with an aluminium frame are usually installed with double glazed glass as the core attribute.

    All of a sudden you are transforming a door that blocks natural light into a centre piece that allows natural light through into your home.

    This is a major benefit of having a door with a double glazed, shatterproof glass feature. You just can’t beat it.

    Eco Friendliness:

    Let’s face it. The world is getting more ‘green conscious’ every single year. And we believe it’s a good thing.

    We should take care of our environment. This is where doors with eco friendliness in mind are a great asset.

    Traditional homes can lose a lot of energy. The main reason for this would be that older building materials were never energy conscious.

    20 and 30 years ago energy consciousness was not even on the table. But the world has changed drastically.

    Due to the unstable electricity network in South Africa it is imperative that we position ourselves to save on energy.

    We need to be in a position where our building materials will keep the heat indoors for longer.

    Not only is this an energy cost saving but it also helps the environment by not putting strain on the electricity load.

    Aluminium Front Doors

    We offer a variety of front doors with aluminium frames in the Cape Town area. Having options is always key to choosing the perfect door. These are the door types that we have noticed 98% of our clients want.

    Hinged doors:

    This will be the normal door that you know. This door is fixed to the wall with high quality hinges.

    The door can open either to the inside or to the outside. You can choose. The door can also open to 90 degrees or to 180 degrees.

    Let us assess your environment and we can make professional recommendations.

    Sliding doors:

    Sliding doors are such a treat in any home. It’s elegant, it’s stylish and very practical. It allows maximum natural light without compromising on its eco friendliness.

    We can offer you multiple panel sliders depending on the size of the door needed. You can have up to 6 panel sliders making for a huge open door area when all of them have been stacked.

    Doors that Tilt and Turn:

    Yes! It’s possible to have a tilt and turn door. The principle is exactly the same as what we described under aluminium windows.

    You can tilt the door should you want additional ventilation throughout your home or office without losing your security features.

    You also have the option to open the door completely, allowing it to function like a ‘normal’ door.

    Aluminium stacking doors Cape Town:

    The aluminium stacking doors that we offer at aluminium windows Cape Town is a huge hit.

    It’s a very convenient product as you can stack the doors next to each other when opening up these doors. You transform your room from closed off to open plan in an instant.

    This is a brilliant feature when you want an open plan feel when guests come to visit. You also have the option of frameless design.

    A bit more costly but absolutely beautiful. Stacking doors can be stacked up to 6 panels. That’s a huge open plan!

    Get some ideas from our aluminium doors images page.


    Our products and installation services are very affordable. We will work around your budget.


    Our aluminium windows and doors are beautifully designed. It’s easy on the eye and yet very practical.


    Our products are made of the highest quality materials. It will last for decades to come.

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